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Yeah, I Just Took A Few Days To Clear My Head... E-mail
Written by Cotter   
June 29, 2009 08:47
Hey, remember last Wednesday when I told you I didn't have time to post then, but I'd get something up later on?

Guess what?

Now is later on.

Sorry about that. I had some serious heavy lifting to do at the end of last week, and let's face it, all I missed were some unfortunate celebrity deaths anyhow, right? 

So it all works out.

The good news is, I plan to atone for the significant lag in posting by offering you plenty of crap you've probably already seen this morning.

Here's how this is going to go - sad news, awesome memories, random hilarity. In that order.

Got it?

So, the sad news...

As you've undoubtedly already heard, legendary TV pitchman and McKees Rocks native Billy Mays died yesterday. Of course, this, coupled with the recent deaths of Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson has left everyone wondering which celebrity will be next. My hope is that it's Paris Hilton. But that's neither here nor there.

Billy Mays was a hell of a spokesman. If you don't remember, he was perhaps most famously the personality who endorsed OxiClean. But he was also involved with the Zorbeez and my personal favorite, the Awesome Auger (among others)...

Mikey and Big Bob from the Morning Freakshow have started a petition to get Billy onto the Primanti's Wall of Fame - thus immortalizing him properly at a legendary Pittsburgh mainstay. I have already signed, and I urge you all to do the same...that is, if the spirit moves you.

RIP Billy. It should've been ShamWow Vince...

Anyways, now that you've all dried your tears, it's on to the awesome memories.

For some reason, I stumbled upon some message board on CBS Sportsline talking about the top 10 moments from the Steelers 2008-2009 season. At first I thought, "man, this dude really nailed it" (followed shortly thereafter by, "what the hell am I doing on a message board?"). Then I realized he was just reposting the text from Gerry Dulac's article back in February. Not that it really mattered, because either way, an idea was spawned...

So because, A) Who doesn't wanna relive all that glory, and B) I have nothing better planned, below are videos of as many of the top 10 moments as I could find.

Not a bad trip down memory lane on a Monday morning.

Am I wrong?

Here you go...

10. Troy Polamalu's one-handed interception Nov. 16 vs. San Diego

Personally, I would've thought this would rank higher. I mean, I don't think I've ever seen anyone make a grab like that. But then, I guess it didn't mean as much to the outcome of that game as some of these other moments did.

9. Hines Ward's 8-yard TD catch with 1:53 left Oct. 5 in Jacksonville
Couldn't find any video of this one, but if you do, leave that shit in the comments.

8. Ben Roethlisberger 6 for 6 on final drive to beat San Diego Nov. 16
See #9

7. Five takeaways on five consecutive possessions Nov. 30 in New England
It's tough to really find one video showing five consecutive turnovers. So instead, perhaps an even more memorable moment from that Patriots game...

Re-sign this man? The Steelers just might be trying to as we speak...

6. Holmes' 67-yard TD punt return vs. San Diego in AFC playoffs

Comments (3)
  • Grumpy
    Love the videos. Great idea putting them all in one place. But around here #1 is known as Ben's 6yd. TD throw.
  • chuck
    So many clutch plays by the Steelers last season both defensively and offensively....watching these videos makes me want football to start even more than I already do!

    I'm going to officially start a sign Heath Miller petition.
  • drinkyourmilkshake
    I totally bought the awesome auger before the summer started to tackle my back-yard...he was amazing.
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