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Meeting People Is Easy...
Written by Cotter   
November 16, 2013 12:46

Hola amigos and amigas.

It's Saturday, which can only mean one thing.

No, who cares about college football.

I'm talking about Meeting People Is Easy.

You've got another epic field of panelists coming at you this week, with a generous helping of new blood to go along with some of the most notorious ringers in MPIE lore.

Everyone knocked it out of the park as usual, so allow me to introduce you to your talented, not to mention handsome, lineup:

1) Josh
2) Matt
3) Sean
4) Paul
5) Kevin
6) Andrew
7) Shawn
8) Jim
9) Keith
10) Me

Here's the part where I tell you that I always love having newcomers on the panel, so if you ever want to step up and let your voice be heard, hit me via email and/or Twitter and we'll do the damn thing.

Now, on with the show.

As always, click to enlarge...
Thanks as ever to this week's field of champions.

You guys did me proud, as if there was any doubt.

Still working on a Lions preview as we speak.

Hectic week personally and professionally.

Check back later on or tomorrow morning and I should have some words on these cats that you can kill a few thousand brain cells reading.

Until then, a friend with beers, is a friend to cheers.

Fingers crossed we shock the world in our house again tomorrow.


Here we go.

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