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Meeting People Is Easy... E-mail
Written by Cotter   
August 23, 2013 10:58
[h/t to SB Nation for the gif. nobody tell them I stole it or snitches get stitches]

Greetings, my fellow drones, and happy Friday!

Hopefully you're not working too hard, and you have your alarms all set appropriately for happy hour.

Allow me to welcome you to the 2nd edition of the recently ressurected Meeting People Is Easy.

I'm really excited about this week, first and foremost because I don't have to spend a paragraph explaining what this is. If you missed it last week, and are wondering why this monstrosity is a feature on a Steelers blog, I'd like to direct you two posts below this one on the front page to last week's edition.

And now that we're all familiar, allow me to introduce this week's wildly esteemed panel of participants.

1) Phil - I believe this is the first time I'm referring to him by his real name. Proud moment for us all.
2) Sarah - aka TSW, aka The Starter Wife, aka culinary genius behind Football Foodie, aka Rachel Ray ain't shit.
3) Keith - The Legend of Vincent Tremblay, and Godfather of the Pittsburgh sports fan Internet contingent.
4) Adam - Somewhat newly minted Dad, and fantastic Twitter commentator. His avatar is an actual person.
5) Ian - El Jefe over at The Steelers N'At.
6) Steve - Some dude who used to help me write this blog, but who decided ESPN was a better opportunity.
7) Silky Johnson - Your average Eagles fan and one of my groomsmen for my future nuptials.
8) Me - He who asks the burning questions.

Now, I'll spare you any further barrage of your brain cells and make way for the show.

Feel free to share your own answers to this week's questions in the comments, and email me if you'd like to be included in a future edition ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

And, of course, as always, click to enlarge...
Oh yeah, and in case none of your friends already texted you...
The Steelers traded for Felix Jones this morning.

I guess they need someone to hold a clipboard besides Bruce Gradkowski.

Now, go forth and frolic in the freedom of your weekends, my friends.

Chiefs coming to Heinz Field tomorrow night.

[Insert requisite Andy Reid jokes]


Here we go.

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