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Written by Cotter   
November 16, 2010 16:35
[video not particularly safe for work in any way]

Wow, why would I ever want to recap a shit show like that? 

You think I feel like trying to extract five "things that were awesome" from among the endless "things that made me want to watch the T.Ocho Show?" 

I don't think so. 

The bottom line is - this is one loss, to a 6-2 team with a hall of fame caliber QB (as well as hall of fame caliber douchebag) and hall of fame caliber coach. So it really shouldn't have surprised anyone that the Steelers got outplayed and outcoached on Sunday night. I'm not saying we should've foreseen that swift kick in the nuts (and I certainly didn't), but it shouldn't have been that surprising.

But something we should have learned already this season, among many other things, is that good teams bounce back from embarrassing losses.

A few weeks back, the Browns embarrassed the Saints, and the next week the Saints came out and beat the Steelers. Before that, the Bengals took down the Ravens, and two weeks later (the week after they beat the Browns despite getting steamrolled by Peyton Hillis) the Ravens came out and beat the Steelers (albeit with Charlie Batch at QB). And of course, last week, the Browns embarrassed the Patriots, and the next week the Patriots came out and beat the Steelers.

[Tangent alert - by the way, the other obvious trend is eff the Browns for providing the catalyst for two thirds of these "bounce back" wins] 

Now, it's the Steelers turn. 

So, you got caught with your pants down.

Pull 'em back up and play like you want it. 

Several other random thoughts to close the book on Week 10...

1. STFU, Tantrum Brady...

First of all, we know you're just yelling at your teammates because someone got you the wrong brand of conditioner (may/may not have also been on the rag). 

Second of all, what are you so fired up about? 

You're winning, brah. 

Oh, so this is supposed to be a message that Tom Brady isn't some Hollywood priss with silky smooth hair and a void where his dick used to be? 


I didn't see Tom Brady screaming at his teammates on the sidelines when they were getting cock slapped by the Browns. 

It's easy to act like a tough guy when you haven't even been sacked once. 

Which brings me to my next point...

2. Herp de derp...
[h/t to @KevinInABQ for bringing this to my attention]

Oh, ok. 

So you thought this was a game of two-hand touch?

Come off it, Matt Light. 

If there's a more pretentious team than the Patriots, I'm not aware of it.

Earth to Matt Light - you won the game, you assbag. 

3. Injuries

If I may get serious for a moment, the Steelers have a big problem right now. Losing a tackle, whatever. Losing a linebacker, whatever. If you want to win in the NFL today, you have to be able to plug those holes when injuries occur. But things are just getting out of hand. So far this season - and I'm sure I'm going to miss someone - the following Steelers have been hurt in some way - Willie Colon, Max Starks, Chris Kemoeatu, Maurkice Pouncey, Trai Essex, Hines Ward, Heath Miller, Mewelde Moore, Isaac Redman, Troy Polamalu, Lawrence Timmons, James Harrison, Brett Keisel, Casey Hampton, Aaron Smith, Ziggy Hood, Bryant McFadden, and probably 10 other guys. 

It's now Week 11. The Steelers still have 7 games left to play and those 7 games are CRUCIAL to their playoff chances. After watching the way they played on Sunday - outside of the fixable stuff like dropped passes and schematic mechanics - I'll be interested to see how this Sunday goes. 

Right now, we're sitting relatively pretty.

But pretty much every game from here on out is a must win, and especially the next two with Oakland and Buffalo before we see the Ravens again at 8:20 PM on Sunday, December 5. 

Do I have faith that the Steelers are gonna play like it?

You [*#$ing] bet I do! 

Now, back to the usual...

4. No one who hasn't already been fired (Jeff Reed) is going to get fired...

Jesus, guys. 

It was one loss. 

You people really want to fire the coaching staff and cut everyone on the team? 

Man, that's bleak.

5. How appropriate...


The irony is palpable.

6. Yinz Luv Da Stillers...

No matter how bad the Steelers look, YLDS will always bring it. 

7. We don't (/won't) ride the emotional rollercoaster...

I felt it was time to dust off that old Tomlinism.

Regardless of injuries or anything else, one loss is just that. Don't try to make it anything it's not.

It was far from the Steelers finest hour, but what can you do about it now? 

Move on and win is what. 

Raiders on Sunday.


Empty your head trash before then. 

Now, thoughts on any/all of this?

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