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Written by Cotter   
November 14, 2010 23:47


[hit play]

I'm not going to pretend like I didn't want the Steelers to win this game. 

I mean, what Steeler fan didn't?

I want the Steelers to win every game, obvs. But even beyond that, it was the Pats. We still owe them at least several hundred beat downs.

But, you know, losing happens.

At least we lost on a weekend when the Ravens lost too, as did the Bengals and Browns.

And, it was to a team that was 6-2, and not 2-6 (**cough cough, 2009, cough cough**).

And, we get to stay at Heinz Field next week to avenge last year's anomalous Raiders win. 

Plus, I personally drank four or five beers, which was fun. 

So, try not to overflow your town's drainage system with your tears.

The NFL season is 17 weeks long, and the Steelers are still 6-3 right now. 

Yes, the Steelers obviously have a couple of serious problems - injuries and Jeff Reed. 

But, they have enough depth to make things work for them. 

Anyway, here's what happens now...

Next week we take all our anger out on Jason Campbell/Bruce Gradkowski and we get right back on track. 

If you want something to cry about, try global warming. 

Full recap to come tomorrow-ish, as usual. 

In the meantime, try not to sell all the rest of your season tickets just yet. 
Something tells me the Steelers have a few tricks up their sleeves. 

Keep the faith, my friends.

Keep the faith.

I welcome your thoughts in the comments...

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