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Written by Cotter   
September 19, 2010 16:45

In this day and age, everything gets scrutinized.

Everyone has an opinion on everything from overall game assesment on down to individual play execution.

But the fact is, all that matters to the Steelers right now is getting through four games with the best record possible.

So, the Steelers' SEVEN turnover performance, for me, is legendary.

The final score was 19 - 11, but it wasn't really.

The last 8 Titan points came when the game was all but over, and the Steelers not only held Chris Johnson to under 100 yards rushing (34, to be exact), but they chased Vince Young from the game after a 7/10, 66 yard, TWO INTERCEPTION/ONE FUMBLE performance.

If this was the toughest game out of the first four, you'd never have known that watching what they did today.

But the real hero in all of it, defense aside, was probably Antonio Brown.

We'll get into this in the full recap, but that opening kickoff TD was the only TD the Steelers scored all day. In fact, the Steelers offense barely managed 127 yards (only 21 yards passing!), with Dixon going down in the 1st half (barely 3 minutes into the 2nd quarter) and Mendenhall only netting 69 yards on 23 carries. I love Dixon and Batch as much as the next guy, but if you didn't think about what Ben could've done off of SEVEN turnovers, you probably can't tie your shoes without help.

Anyway, 2-0 it is.

The Bengals beat the Ravens, who despite everyone sucking them off all offseason, have a QB who went 17/39 for 154 yards and FOUR INTERCEPTIONS against the Bengals defense. And as a result, both teams find themselves 1-1, trailing the Steelers in the division (hey, might as well celebrate it now, who knows what can happen).

Stay tuned for the full recap here tomorrow, but in the meantime, other things that were awesome, preliminarily...

Enjoy it, my friends.

It's not every day you get to see SEVEN Steelers turnovers.

Tomorrow we worry about who's going to play QB next Sunday.

Feel free to contribute any preliminary thoughts of your own in comments.

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