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Maurkice Pouncey Breaks Two Top 20 Lists... E-mail
Written by Cotter   
April 23, 2010 10:05
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"I’m so happy right now...That’s the team I really wanted the most. I had such a good vibe with them at the Combine and when I worked out with them individually.”

- Maurkice Pouncey on becoming a Pittsburgh Steeler

Well, I'm sure some of you lunatics were sad that the Steelers didn't misguidedly draft Tim Tebow, but at least you can take solace in the fact that with the 18th pick in last night's draft, they got the guy into whose ass Tebow stuck his hands for the past two seasons - Florida Center, Maurkice Pouncey.


In fact, since Tebow's probably the world's foremost virgin, Pouncey may have gotten more action from him than any other human being on the face of this earth. So I guess he's been Tebow-ized by osmosis, you might say...

Doesn't matter.

No one cares.

But like the title says, the NFL draft list wasn't the only top 20 Pouncey found his way into in the last 24 hours...

I can only hope that someday he'll finally beat the elusive "x37b," the magic dick-growing fuel, "extenze," and whatever the hell cryptococcus gattii is.

Either way, let's be realistic; no way he ever tops archie comics.


For those unfamiliar, the 6'5" 305 pound Pouncey was a three year starter at Florida - starting one at Guard and the last two at Center, where he won the Rimington Award in 2009 as the nation's best at that position.

Now, normally with draft picks, I'd post a video or something to give you an idea of their abilities. But how much do you really care about watching a Center?

Snap the ball, protect, block, try not to get called for a false start or holding, yadda yadda get the idea.

Plus, our boy Dan Gigler's already got us covered with combine video of Pouncey over at the Blog 'n' Gold.

Here's what I think one of the newest addition to Steelers nation's biggest benefits is, though - he's 20 years old. Just like Lawrence Timmons when the Steelers drafted him in the 1st round of the '07 draft, this guy can't even legally drink for another three months (his birthday is July 24, 1989). And yet, despite his nubility (isn't mangling the English language fun?), the younger half of ESPN's dueling draft "experts," Todd McShay seems to think Pouncey's a guy who could come in and start right away (at least at Guard), a sentiment that it seems like Tomlin and Kevin Colbert share.

Beyond the fact that he's only several years removed from Justin Bieber, Pouncey's versatile. He started at Guard for the Gators as a true freshman before assuming the Center position for the last two (bear in mind - started as a Freshman in the SEC). And indeed, if you watch the Tomlin/Colbert presser over at Steelers Depot (via the link above), it sounds like they'll let him compete with Kraig Urbik and Trai Essex for the Right Guard position in Latrobe.

And hey, the guy's a winner. In high school, he was part of a Class 5A Lakeland Florida team that won three straight state championships (he at least played in the last of the three). And at Florida, of course, he was part of the Gators' 2008 National Championship squad. So we know he's built for big games and knows what to do when he's in them.

Also, apropos of nothing - he's got a twin brother, Mike...

Aw, brothers who started on the same offensive line. It warms the heart.

No word on whether he's the evil twin, by the way.

One other interesting note (pretty much) totally unrelated to football - Honestly, I can't remember the last time so many mock drafts were right about the Steelers pick. Usually those things go down the right roads (at least according to the media), but somewhere between hitting publish and draft night (you know, where real life happens), things change and it doesn't always happen the way so-called pundits think it will. Obviously not this year, and frankly, I'm good with it.

With Justin Hartwig signed through the 2012 season, Pouncey will have plenty of time to learn and hopefully become the next great Steelers Center, or even just a great Steelers Guard, depending on what happens.

By the way, Morning Freakshow's got all the Pouncey draft party pictures you need, here. I'll warn you in advance, though - he's barechested in one of them, which obviously means he has character flaws and should be summarily traded.

Sorry, I just couldn't help myself :-)

Oh yeah, and for your daily "flawed character" update - Ben Roethlisberger still wears black and gold (today, anyway), though his likeness has been removed from the Pittsburgh Zoo (amazing that many of you think he's an animal, yet you won't even let his face remain in the zoo).

Comments on Maurkice Pouncey, anyone?

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