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Nothing Good If You Like Watching The Steelers Win... E-mail
Written by Cotter   
April 21, 2010 10:44

Well, though we don't have an official league announcement yet, it looks like Ben's facing a four to six game suspension for whatever conduct Roger Goodell is going to use to justify his decision.

[UPDATE - 12:25: Contrary to ESPN's reports, the Commish himself has said he hasn't yet made a decision on Ben nor that one was even coming today...I don't buy the latter part for a second, though...]

[UPDATE - 1:20 PM: Official suspension = six games and a "comprehensive behavioral" evaluation, with the possibility of being reduced to four games for compliance or increased based on non-compliance. AKA - screw the NFL -- He's also suspended from team activities until the evaluator clears him...of what, who the hell knows -- League's official statement is here]

In other news, all the blow hards who have been saying the Steelers are going to trade Ben may soon be able to gloat unceremoniously about selecting the correct one of two possible end results (on the trade issue)...

Don't bother commenting if you're going to celebrate this shit.

I've never exercised my right censor comments in the three and a half years I've been writing OFTOT, but hey, the NFL has never suspended a player for (arguably alleged) "irresponsible" and not illegal conduct before either, so why not start today?

[UPDATE: Jason LaCanfora, who to my knowledge has never been right about anything despite working for the league that all these teams belong to, is saying that the Rams have been ruled out as potential suitors, so Football Outsiders' Bill Barnwell suspects that those interested would likely only be Oakland or you care]

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