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Steelers Hire Matt Millen's Sloppy Seconds... E-mail
Written by Cotter   
January 14, 2010 08:44

Well, the Steelers have hired a new offensive line coach...or something claiming to be one, anyhow (Sean Kugler, to be exact...who really needs to update his linkedin profile).

Now, I'm not exactly what I'd call the foremost authority on offensive line coaching.

If I spent enough time pouring over game film, I could probably tell you where things broke down on any given play, but whether that's coaching or just the line's mental retardation, who the hell really knows?

And either way, I prefer to use my spare time for more constructive things like beer bonging and mastering the ins and outs of Wii Sports.

So that makes it kind of tricky to figure out whether the Steelers pass-blocking troubles (or their "at least one costly holding or false start penalty a game" troubles) were due more to execution, coaching, or a quarterback who likes to hold the ball until his only option is to get sacked.

But, if I wasn't skeptical of a guy whose resume consists of coaching the 2001-2005 Detroit Lions and the 2008/2009 Buffalo Bills' offensive lines, I couldn't really call myself a Steelers blogger.

Still, during Kugler's five years in Detroit, aside from 2001 (whcn poor Chuck Batch took half of the 66 sacks the Lions allowed), the Lions' QBs got sacked only an average of 25 times a season. 

Plus, as JJ Cooper points out, he had to be at least part of the reason Boise State's (and now Denver's) Ryan Clady was a top 15 pick.

Not to mention, last year with the Bills he wasn't exactly working with a seasoned pro bowl unit (check out JJ Cooper's post for more).

And hey, the Bills were still in the top 10 in yards per rush (basically tied for eighth in the league with 4.4).

So, if you wanna condemn a guy for his seemingly ugly resume, before he's even coached a unit for one game, well, that's just like, your opinion, man.


I just want some fuggin' fr-ay-nch toooooast.

Meanwhile, in an ironic twist, former Steelers o-line coach, hall of fame finalist, hot dog dominator and winner of mustache of the millenium, Russ Grimm, has been given permission to talk to the Bills about becoming head swinging dick up in Buffalo (head coach, that is). 

Oh, and the Steelers defensive coaches are getting picked off like Jake Delhomme.

I'd have written about all this sooner, but frankly, I feel no compelling need to write a post every time someone in the Steelers organization scratches his balls.

Anyways, your thoughts on all this (including ball scratching) are welcomed in the comments...

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