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The Pro Bowl Is Serious Business... E-mail
Written by Cotter   
December 29, 2009 23:18

Listen, there's really only one bowl that matters in the NFL, and let's just say it ain't the Pro Bowl.

Nevertheless, I'd be a real dick not to take a moment and congratulate the 2009 Steelers pro bowlers - Big Snack and Silverback.

It's hard to take this thing seriously considering not one Bengal got in, but five Ravens (including Ray Lewis, who is somehow the AFC's starting MLB) and like 7000 Vikings did.

But hey, I don't like any of those teams anyhow, so what the hell do I really care?

In other news, the Steelers signed some CB who has been on every practice squad in the league, and from the sound of it, we'll be lucky if Troy makes it out of sweats on Sunday.

Also, it don't matta to Tomlin...

Consider this "post" mailed in...

You can all go back to picking your noses now.

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