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Browns In Less Than 24 Hours, Find A Pulse.....
Written by Steve   
December 09, 2009 15:44


Sadly, we have a lot in common with "Fry Man," these days.....except we didn't marry our cousins.


It seems like many many many moons ago, that the Steelers were atop the division and beating the Browns [Our Recap from Week 5].

Many have said that the Browns have improved since making the transition to Brady Quinn (remember, Anderson started the first matchup). We have yet to see that improvent. Yes, they scored a few more offensive touchdowns, but the win column remains at one.

Now, we'd love to continue to rag on the much hated Cleve' Brownies, but when you lose to both the Raiders and Chiefs, you lose that privilege.

So instead, we'll keep our fingers crossed, hope the Steelers are prepared on the short week's rest, and check out all the happenings down in "da sooouth side"......

Today, was not a boring day to say the least. Lots of happenings -  [Post-Gazette].

To sum it all up....

- William Gay might play......might not.

- Hines is in the same boat. If the game was Sunday, he'd play. Don't make a "Ben should question his toughness" joke. We are all past that.

- One Tyler cut, another one joins the big boys. Tyler Palko is no longer a Pittsburgh Steeler, and former Clemson wide-out, Tyler Grisham was promoted from the practice squad. Ben to Grisham tomorrow? Who knows.....

Regardless of who dresses and who does not, Tomlin has made it pretty clear that we will be seeing a lot of both Joe Burnett and Keenan Lewis. While they are as raw as a Peter North DVD (not sure if that makes sense - haha) there isn't a lot to tell you about both of these first year corners. Do what we did and get acquainted with what these rook's bring to the table by watching You Tube clips:

Joe Burnett:

Keenan Lewis:

What can we expect from two dudes who have seen as much on field action as Eric Mangini?

No doubt, Quinn and the Browns will test them early tomorrow night and we'll be watching them carefully, scrutinizing their every move. But let's keep the faith in Tomlin's decision and hope the two rookies come up big, in prime time.

It's Browns week, folks! Forget the records and standings, let's go to WAR!!!

james brownsfan

Oh, and this never gets old -

Game preview and predictions coming your way, tomorrow.

Until then...

Keep the faith!

(I used this on Steve-Is-Alive but, it's just too good not to share on OFTOT. Someone needs to photoshop a Terrible Towel into that fist pump)

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Comments (4)
  • Gerrimy Tann
    Hopefully we can win some games here to ease the pain Go Steelers!!, Still need a safety first round in the draft, trade up and get Eric Berry or Taylor Mays, we need a big time safety to play with troy and to sub in for troy if he gets hurt
  • Weezy
    This team is a joke this year,,,period.
  • IJustMadeThatUp
    Sadly, despite looking incompetent, tired, bored and lackluster in every way possible against the WORST TEAM IN THE NFL, the team will more than likely not make any changes whatsoever in the coming weeks or the off-season. It'll take another year or so of this incompetence before the front office finally seeks other offensive or defensive means. Time to go out and buy the '08 highlight DVD and try and remember the Steelers of old...
  • DG
    I really REALLY hope this hangover only lasts through Jan. 3, 2010. Fire Ike Taylor. On the spot.
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