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Way Too Tired To Get Cute With This Headline... E-mail
Written by Cotter   
November 29, 2009 23:55

Listen, I'm sure I speak for both Steve and I when I say - we don't like losing any more than you do.

We don't like having to highlight the Steelers mistakes, and we don't like to have to keep saying, "we'll get 'em next time."

That said......we'll get 'em next time.

I gotta give a significant amount of props to Dennis Dixon.

One fatal mistake notwithstanding, he played a pretty good game given that he was 3rd on the depth chart until last Monday, he didn't know he was getting the nod until Saturday morning, and his first ever NFL start came against the prime time.

And how about this?

He wasn't sacked once!

Who's laughing now, O-Line?

Ramon Foster certainly was no Chris Kemoeatu, but he wasn't half bad either.

Next week, we've got the Raiders at Heinz Field.

Another opportunity for a win.

Here's to hoping that game goes better than this one did.

Full recap to come tomorrow (I think).

Until then, please deposit all of your initial reactions in the comments.

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Comments (14)
  • Noah
    FIRE BRUCE ARIANS! That is all.
  • ThreeRiversBurghBlog  - We're alright
    Oakland, then Cleveland, then GB (@Heinz) I think we can win all three...we got this shit
  • Scott
    Between this, a 70+ hour work week and spending a boatload of money to get seats close to the field to watch us lose to the freeking Cheifs, I'm feeling pretty beaten down now. I'm not quiting though. Just drinking myself to sleep. Absolutely confident we're getting two straight wins to get back on board, then we roll the dice.
  • Grumpy
    I thought Arians had a great game plan for Dixon. Fairly conservative, keep it simple and have a chance to win at the end. We were ahead with 3:30 to go and the defense again got gashed and gave up the tying score. How is that on Arians?
  • Cotter
    Yeah, I gotta agree with Grumpy. Things may have been relatively predictable in places, but what did you want them to do, given the situation. It takes a lot more than one guy to lose a game like that.
  • Ward > You
    Props to Dixon, that was probably the worst scenario he could have made his debut in and he gave us a chance, just couldn't get it done. Woodley and Timmons had a great game, wish the same could be said about our secondary. Without Troy, they're as flaccid as Flacco at a swimsuit competition. Here's hoping that next week they have Ben and Troy back and we can start winning again...
  • Steve
    "We will unleash hell in December......cause we have to" - Coach Tomlin

    That is all.
  • Spacemonkey
    That last play call put Dennis in a real crap position - and I was screaming at the offensive calls throughout the game.

    That said, I think Dixon just got introduced to the NFL just like Ben - in Baltimore, due to an injured starter.

    I hated the outcome of the game, but really enjoyed watching Dixon play.
  • bluzdude
    I think Dixon did as well as could be expected. I would have liked to have seen more rollouts and boots, but whatev.

    This game was lost by the defense. And getting big plays called back because of stupid penalties.
  • Jacknut  - Dixon's TD run killed us
    Anyone else notice that the Raven's stopped blitzing and started playing a soft zone after Dixon's TD run? That was the right adjustment for the Ravens to make.

    Good game from Dix (can we just call him that?), another crap game from the defense. Even more than than Troy, we miss Smith.
  • Ben
    With Oakland and Cleveland coming up, we should be right back into the thick of the wild card race. I'll be honest, Dixon played much better than I expected considering the circumstances (in Baltimore on Sunday night in a must-win for the Ravens). Our playoffs start Sunday.

    Here's to running the table!
  • matt
    I'll be surprised & happy w/ a playoff appearance.

    Dixon played as well as he could have, not mad at his gutsy performance.

    Arians, as always can't adapt. Keep calling those bombs though man, great job.

    D played decent, still can't believe we lost another late game lead.

  • louiedoggy
    I can't stand losing but can't seem to get overly upset over this loss. For most of the game we played well against a desperate Ravens team. We'll get 'em back in Pitt.
  • Gerrimy Tann  - Fire BA
    Sure it wasn't all BA's fault. The defense really didn't hold up its end of the bargain in that game, when we needed a 4th down stop - didn't get it. Its funny how you can plan well for most of the game but one play burns it all to shreds, not getting off the field on 4th down does that. Dixon played well, but why the heck don't you roll that guy out more? Let him have a pass/run option. Yea they adjusted their defense but instead of getting 30 yards he would have gotten 10. Its just crazy how they went more conservative than Glen Beck with Dennis like he was a rookie or something. They didn't do themselves any favors by laying down in the end of the 1st half - content to go down one score, you know with ben in the game they would have went for it - they could have at least tried - you know, once. Then when they did pass with Dixon they forgot about the run, and when they ran they forgot about the pass- no mixing up. I am beginning to put this on Tomlin he is the head coach he has to see this. Tomlin needs to cut BA loose. We now see how good ben really is, not only does he have to beat the other team's defense, the officials at times, but he also has to overcome dumb play calls and make something out of nothing. I'm pissed.
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