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Can't Blame This One On Anyone Who Doesn't Wear Black And Gold..... E-mail
Written by Captain Planet   
November 22, 2009 17:05

At 1 PM this afternoon, I set out to find an Internet feed of this game.

I would have gone to the bar, but A) I'm broke as a joke, and B) I'm broke as a joke.

Fortunately, several minutes later, I was able to find a great feed.

Even more fortunately, I had missed the opening kickoff, on which the Steelers set what I understand to be a record for Special Teams ineptitude unmatched in NFL history.

Still, at least I could see the game, and things were really starting to improve.

By the end of the 1st half, Big Ben was on fire, and so, it seemed, were the Steelers - holding the Chiefs to under 50 yards of total offense and scoring 17 points to make the score 17-7.

What happened to me next was sadly fitting of this Sunday - November 22, 2009.

Not only did I lose my feed, and thus was unable to watch the Steelers ultimately lose to the Kansas City Chiefs (without Larry Johnson, without Tony Gonzalez, and without Dwayne Bowe, in case you forgot), but while I was feverishly trying every website known to man to find a watchable feed, my laptop locked up.

I couldn't close any windows, I couldn't move my cursor, and so I turned the power off, hoping to power up again and pick right up where I left off.

But everything was not fine.

It seems that my laptop took a cue from the Steelers, and shit the bed big time.

The reality of the Steelers situation is that they made almost every mistake they could make today, and now face an even tougher task if they want to secure a wild card. Troy Polamalu is out for a month, Big Ben may have a concussion, and if they give up one more kick or punt return touchdown, Bob Ligashesky may have to go into the witness protection program.

Oh, and by the way, Andy Studebaker, the guy who picked off Big Ben twice and later added injury to insult (don't read that again, you know what I'm talking about)...was a former practice squad reject from the Eagles who was replacing Vrabel on the KC roster.

The reality of my situation is that I may never get back any of the class notes from this entire semester that I desparately need to study for the finals I have coming up in two short weeks.

So needless to say, it's been a rough day for all of us.

I'm gonna let Steve take over from here on in...because if I have to recap any of this game, I very well could land myself in a rubber room by 9 PM.

Steve, the floor is yours...

.....Thanks, Cotter. Thanks for letting me go crazy.

I was in a similar boat as I am broker than Enron (is that even funny? who cares..) and could not attend the local tavern. So I decided to watch on a Internet feed as well. Let's just categorize that as, frustrating. I mean we can't really complain, because really, we're watching an NFL game on our computer but, when a game stops and starts every 5 minutes, you want to put your head through a wall.

Enough commas and stories about my awful sunday, on to the game.....

Hahaaaaaaaa, I just erased about ten different sentences. I don't know where to begin. This sucks. We lost to the Chiefs.

The Chiefs!

The Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

/slowly calming down with a nice brandy and a Amy Smart movie.

OK, let's start with the best part of this game.....Hines Ward. Old reliable hauled in ten catches for 128 yards and a touchdown.

Other than Hines, Heath, and Ben's 398 yards passing, this picture sums up the rest of the game......


The Steelers handed this one to the Chiefs.

Before you look at these stats, punch yourself in the crotch so it's not the worst thing going on in your life......


If your Grandma looked at these stats, she'd tell you the Steelers won 87 - 4.

515 total yards and 27 first downs! How did this game get away?

And then there was that questionable 3 and 2 call in overtime. A pitch to Memo to the sidelines for a loss of three?!?! Why not throw it to Heath and Hines, who were both on fire, all day. Sure first down. Or, if you're going to pitch it, put in Willie......he had shown some flashes of speed earlier in the game.

Barf. That play will be criticized for the rest of the Week. Have at it, in the comments.

YouTube highlights are not available because nobody wants to re-watch that garbage.

If you came here for an in depth analysis, sorry, that's not happening tonight. And plus, you know better than that. This blog is not authored by Chris Collinsworth and Tony Dungy.  Read someone who get's paid to do these recaps and go here.

Want some good news?

Everyone in the AFC North, lost. Including a Bengal loss to the.....Raiders!! Good news people, good news. Here is a look at the current playoff situation.....

Division Leaders
Indianapolis 10-0
Cincinnati 7-3
San Diego 7-3
New England 7-3

Wild Card
Jacksonville 6-4
Pittsburgh Steelers 6-4

"Up our Butts"
Denver 6-4 (we hold tie-breaker. Point, us!)
Baltimore 5-5
Houston 5-4 (plays Monday night. Go Titans!)
Miami 5-5

So there is a list of teams you need to hate for the rest of the year. It's going to be very interesting.

Games against the Ravens (twice), Browns, Raiders, Packers and Dolphins, are all winable.

Hey, Steelers......

Stay true to the Nation, Steeler fans! No "FIRE EVERYONE" comments. Don't be stupid and remember these are still the defending Super Bowl Champions.

And we get the Ravens next! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Remember......the Ravens......


Laughing over. We lost to the Chiefs.

Stay with us, it's time for the stretch run. And with that said.....

On to the next one.....

ps: Ben was a bit concussed in OT but, appears to be perfectly OK. The dude is stronger than Steven Segal. He'll be fine.

If you haven't already, become a fan of OFTOT on Facebook, join the blog network and follow Cotter and Steve on Twitter. Or don't. Your choice, really.

Comments (11)
  • Anonymous  - Moving on!!!
    No time to feel sorry for ourselves...big game on Sunday! I will be 9 rows up from the 50-yard line next week cheering on our boys as they remind The Ravens who The Champs are!!!I plan to tell anyone in Purple Camouflage to SUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK IT!!!!
  • DG
    The ONLY silver lining today was Cincy's loss to the Raiders. Shake it off and move on.
  • bluzdude
    2nd silver lining... the Brownies also lost in agonizing fashion.

    I know they're no threat, but it's still fun to watch them snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
  • Grumpy
    We're still alive, not just for a wild card but to win the division. The Bengals offense sucked in the 2nd half. They are capable of losing more.
  • Ward > You
    Holy crap people, where's the outrage?

    *throws shoe at TV*

    Once again, our incompetent special teams unit in all it's glory yesterday. Our pass coverage was mediocre, and the pains of missing Troy are more than evident. Chambers was more open on that 4th quarter catch than Paris Hilton after promises of acting work. The Gayvens are a whole lot better than the Queefs and we have to play them twice, lets get our shit together.
  • Ryan
    Too angry for rational thoughts. Move the Steelers to the CFL, or nfl europe. Oh wait, they still have kickoffs, so we'll probably lose there too.
  • Crazy Canton Cuts
    I give KC credit for not quitting

    they appear to have a future with that coach
  • Christy
    If the Bengals are capable of losing more games, that makes the Steelers capable of losing a lot more games. We have no QB for 6 weeks, remember?
  • Christy
    Of course, I heard that on ESPN this morning...turns out it's not true.

    Hope he's well enough to play...
  • tiny  - as;dlfkjweiop
    The Bengals losing to the Raiders is as bad as us losing to the Chiefs. That did make my day slightly better.

    I read earlier that we are now without Charlie Batch - possible season ending surgery on his wrist. Enter Dennis Dixon?

    I am angry that we gave this away... but this is what my wine is for. Let's squash these dirty birds.

    Oh and... Special Teams is agonizingly brutal. In case you haven't noticed.
  • Gerrimy  - BIM
    BARF-IN-MY-MOUTH, that games was terrible. I feel in part responsible, because it was 7-0 when I got on the feed on the internet. Cotter I think we were on the same feed and so was my brother, I watched it while I was helping my fiance clean up, compromise right? So its 17-7 going into half and i'm thinking this game is over, its the chiefs. So I leave to go get some stuff for the wedding. I have Sprint so I get NFL Live Mobile - I can follow the game on my phone. As it turns out, the replacement steelers came out in the 2nd half because good lord, we looked like a team with a hang over. And I didn't watched the game. I'm sorry BA needs to be fired over that 3rd and 2. We were on the cusp of field goal range and you call a sweep play? Run it straight up get as many yards as you can or at least try a short pass. How hard is it to get a 3 yard pass off? I know guys who play madden all that make better calls than this guy, and they go for it on fourth down every time! Special Teams is a major FAIL. We need to send every prostitute known to man to anthony madison to get him to come back to pittsburgh. At least those ben-gals lost, now we are in the same position as before -forget wild card, if we stop playing like fourth graders and quit wetting the bed we can still win this division. No way the bengals beat @SD and @Minn. If we win out we got this. Still though at the end of the season, even if we win the super bowl again..... we lost to the Chefs!!!! (thats intentional) and the frickin bears and the frickin bungals arrgghhhhh
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