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They'll Be OK..... E-mail
Written by Steve   
November 15, 2009 20:25




After an unreal evening in the Burgh on Saturday, the Steelers layed this enormous turd in the middle of Heinz field.



0-4 in the redzone = puke on our jeans.

There is not a single stat in this game that we could hang our hat on. Yeah, the stat sheet looks even, and neither team scored an offensive touchdown, but none of that matters, the Bengals escaped with a win and the controlling fate of the AFC North Division.

No clue where to begin a recap or how to convey our frustrations within this performance. So many things were not going the Steelers way...

Ben pressured all day.....

A pick off a helmet.....

(no picture available, and frankly, I don't give a damn)

Dropped pass city......

Mendenhall, 36 rushing yards on 13 carries......

We're not ones to scream at the TV but..........RUN THE BALL MORE!!!

If we see one more shotgun set on 2nd and goal from the seven, we're changing this blog to a Dan Kreider Fan Page.


Arians clearly knows whats better for the team than we do. We'll shut up now...

If you want to shoot Vodka in your eyes, here are the stats from Sunday [Link].

Following the Week  3 loss to the Bengals, yinz guys blew up the comments section. Have at it, again. What went wrong today?

We are optimists and are thinking the Steelers will be perfectly OK, even after this bed shitting at home. Remember in 2005, the Steelers lost to the Bengals at home and then ripped off four straight, on their way to a wild card sweep of the playoffs and a Super Bowl 40 party in Detroit!

Keep the faith, Steeler Nation. They'll be OK......

Here is a quick look at the remaining schedule:


The Wild Card should be a legit possibility. Right?

Your Terrible Towels should be half mast but your spirits should remain high. Enough "ra-ra" cheering. We'll be back at it tomorrow.

Until then......


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Comments (16)
  • Christy
    We still have the Ravens. Twice. :X
  • Cotter
    Excellent use of emoticons, though!
  • DG
    Never a pretty day when the O puts up those numbers. mfo;zisjzidnvzo;i
  • Noah
    Play calling in the 2 min. warning in the 4th was ridiculous... try to advance the ball not go for it all at once.
  • Noah
    I'll still hang my head high.
  • Ben
    We didn't run the no huddle at all. Not even once? Really? Why not try to wear out those D-lineman that were seemingly in the backfield all day? I felt like I was watching a Rams/Lions game.
  • Cotter
    Yeah, I was looking for the no huddle too. Honestly, I couldn't believe the final "drive." Down by 6 with two minutes left, I figured "here comes payback for last time." But, you everyone has a bad day once in a while. Yesterday wasn't exactly the ideal day for it, but what can you do?

    We move on, and hopefully learn something from this (and by "we," I mean the Offensive Line, Kick Coverage unit and Bruce Arians).
  • Grumpy
    We somehow manage to give up a non-offensive TD every week. And every 1st and goal is a 3 tight end set and a run up the middle. That's what's know as a tendency.
  • bluzdude
    There's still plenty of time for the Bengals to implode.

    I don't think I've ever seen Ben so consistantly off-target, since the games after the motorcycle accident. He'll snap back.
  • Ward > You
    Special Teams = barf.

    Pass Protection = turd.

    Play calling/lack of no-huddle = pisswaffles.

    Hard to remain optimistic after this game but we have a tendency to bounce back after outings like these. Schedule is fairly soft from now on and there's no reason why we miss the playoffs even if we just lost that Field Goal Fest to the Bungholes.
  • Cotter
    Exactly. The Steelers know what they have to do now. So, just do it. I still have faith.
  • Baby Got Full Back
    This site should already be a Dan Kreider fan page. Make it happen.
  • Cotter
    Posted image

  • Ryan
    I'm surprisingly not as angry after this one as the first bengals lost, probably because I thought they were a joke back then. Well at least we have a good opponent to have a big bounce back game next week before having to play baltimore. I want to see a blowout win next week to get confidence back up before ravens.

    On another note, I really hope Polamalu's alright, I'd rather see him miss as many games as needed to ensure the long term knee health.
  • Cotter
    Absolutely, Troy's health is key to the Steelers fate. It's pretty obvious that we're nowhere near as dominant without him.
  • Matty the Bull
    Boys just looked flat all day. Long bye week followed by a trip to Mile High and then a short week back home. Ben looked off all day. Defense was a step short.
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