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You Tell Us How The Steelers Lost... E-mail
Written by Cotter   
September 27, 2009 18:10

Kicking a field goal after an 11 play, 79 yard opening drive (but then going for it on 4th and 5 at the Bengals 35 with 1:15 left in the 1st half...and not making it).

Missing a field goal (albeit a 52 yarder...and after Limas Sweed dropped a sure TD pass AND after Stefan Logan gave us a 56 yard runback).

Throwing a pick six on the 3rd play of the 3rd quarter of a previously 13-3 game.

Giving up a 1st down on a fake punt.

The Steelers actually won today.

Too bad they beat themselves.

Ravens = 3-0

Bengals = 2-1

Steelers = 1-2

Surely the season isn't over after just three games, but the Steelers are giving away points, leaving points on the board, wasting good field position and aren't finishing drives.

Doesn't sound too impressive, does it?

Recap coming this morning (Monday).

Until then, we'll take all other knee-jerk reactions in the comments...  

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Comments (25)
  • matt
    I feel a long season coming on...2006-esque.

    These long drives we are giving up amaze me. We generate little to no pressure on D.
  • Big J
    Limas Sweed and yes, I will say it,,,Jeff Reed. This guy looks like he has fallen apart. Look at the confidence on his face. As far as Sweed goes,,nothing new with him. Dwight Stone incarnate. Oh, I love Mike Wallace except he seems to run 9 yard patterns when they need 10 yards for the first down. Did it look familiar with last week against the Bears. Nice.
  • Lea
    discusting... i think that pick 6 was the worst of it... how about our great and wonderful D not being able to stop any of the 3 4th down conversions on the Bengals too???
  • Lea
    Oh and you and i forgot to mention Lima's terrible drop in the endzone
  • Christy
    Trying to take a positive away from this -- now everyone will count the Steelers out. It will be the Ravens this, the Bengals that. We'll rebound with our backs against the wall.
  • Cotter
    AND Mike Wallace led the team with 102 receiving yards on 7 catches.

    AND Hines went over the 10,000 yard mark after a 4 catch, 82 yard game.
  • Steve
    I'm with Christy. After yelling my face off on the drive home, I thought maybe our boys in the Black n gold needed a loss like this.

    A gut wrenching kick in the baby makers.

    More thoughts to come after I cool down a bit......
  • brainwise  - It's Only Week 3
    I really cannot negate most of the things already said. Were points left of the board? Yes, at least 18 by my count (2 FGs instead of TDs, 1 missed TD catch, and a missed FG). Did the defense give up big drives (and burn 4th down stops with costly penalties)? Yes.

    But it's only week 3.

    I believe these guys will take a step back, analyze what worked and what blew up on them, and make the necessary adjustments. It's still plenty early to pick up the necessary wins to get into the playoffs.

    Oh, and wasn't it nice to see a little balance on the offense today? Welcome back to the running game.
  • brainwise  - Underdog Mentality
    Christy is right. Now that the Black & Gold are 2 games down, and Palmer and Flacco had excellent games, attention will shift in the AFC North. That is a good thing for a team who loves to be the underdog and performs well from the "oh-we-can-count-them-out" sentiments.
  • Cotter
    Yeah, I mean by tomorrow morning I'll be ready to move on, but we've got the Chargers next week. Not an easy game.

    It's nowhere near the end of the world. It's just hard to take two losses in a row in which your own team beats itself in similar fashion.

    Shit happens, though.

    Hey, there are 14 more weeks and 13 more games. The season is still young. Better to get a gut check now than in Week 13.

    Recap coming tomorrow morning...
  • Grumpy
    I blame Arians for going too conservative with an 11 point lead in the 4th. One more score of any kind probably would have iced it. And the defense gave up two scoring drives in the 4th. Release. Limas. Sweed.
  • domski43
    anything worthwhile does not come easy. steelers need to regroup and get ready for a solid chargers team.
  • Noah Miranda  - I think we need...
    Unanimous support for the Steelers in Pick 'em.. .that means you Domski...
  • brainwise  - Still Believing
    I believe the Steelers can right their ship and go knocking on 7's door. Today's game will look better in rear view mirror.

  • Anonymous
    @ noah hahahhah! maybe everyone should unanimously pick San Diego next week? Cotter will tell you that I almost always go against the Steelers in pick'em as my superstition.
  • random asshole
    That was the best 45 minutes of football I've ever seen. Unfortunately, games are 60 minutes long.

    If I were 8% nerdier, I'd end this comment with "FML." But I'll leave that for Cotter or FakeCotter.
  • AvengingJackMurphy  - Chargers
    I suppose it's good to see a few folks here who think the Chargers are's not the word I would have used to describe our team. Maybe erratic or unimaginative.

    Big game for both of us next week. Good luck.
  • tiny  - ;alsdkfjagaoierpi
    I agree with Dr. Random Asshole. A great 45 minutes of football played.

    I thought that the offense did a respectable job for the majority of the game - but as said before, there were a number a points left out there. Limas, sorry dude. I can't defend you anymore. My neighbor's kid could have brought in that catch. There was a glimmer of hope in the run game, w/ FWP showing signs of old.

    My largest problem is with our defense. Is it them, or is it just that teams are preparing better for them? That last drive that the Bengals had was inexcusable. The defense can't allow things like that. Does it start to raise questions in people's minds like, "Wow.. is our defense really showing signs of their age?" I don't want to ask that question yet. We need more pressure.

    And as for a loss to rally them into a win next week... I thought that was what the loss to the Bears was supposed to do?
  • Dug E. Fresh
    The pass coverage was there, and there is only so much the DBs can do without the Defensive lineman getting pressure, I swear it looked like the d-line was just straight rushing in the 4th quarter, you know not trying anything different like the colts d-line was doing against arizona, they were crossing getting off their initial blockers and getting some pressure on warner. Not the steelers d-line. I'm blaming you, well and Sweed, there's a reason Mike Wallace had all those catches. he's not dropping the ball like you Sweed. That TD there and the bengals aren't winning. But that didn't happen, the steelers lost to the bengals.

    I said it before, better to have these problems now than in December. At least they have some time to fix it, but damn they better hurry. Tomlin needs to light a fire.

    Oh and #68, could you throw a block? I mean, just don't miss on your guy and then just stand up, you make that block, Willie gets in the endzone. can't believe they gave him an extension at this point.
  • Ryan
    Willie Colon could kick better than reed at this point. Though the lost gotta be pinned on Defense not coming through when needed, and WRs dropping sure passes. Steelers be lucky to go 3-13 this season, at least hockey regular season starts soon.

    (probably an overreaction w/ 3-13 statement, but was a very depressing weekend with penn state and steelers losing heartbreakers of games)
  • Lea
    Yes, it is only week 3... but the bengals were a division opponent, those games do have more significance, and the other team in our division, the ravens, are now 3-0 (and they beat a divisional opponent... albeit the browns... but still) ... sad sad sad.... this is especially painful for I live in Baltimore...That AND we face the Chargers next week... did anyone see that Ravens game last week? They generated A TON of Offense against the Ravens D whom historically is just as good as ours.... back in Kyle Boller days, that game would have been a BIG FAT L on their scoreboard.... well not this year.... we are IN TROUBLE next week if we play the way we did the last 2 weeks and will be looking at 1-3....

    I love my team, but you have to face the facts when they play bad... its bad... after week 2 I didnt feel desperate.. only 1-1, not a division game (or even conference.. lol) ... however after week 3 the only real competition in our division is 3-0, we are 1-3, they BEAT a division team, we LOST to a division team... feeling a lil bit desperate now...

    BUT! BUT! BUT! I am tired of the JEFF REED STUFF.... Jeff Reed BLEW week 2, MAYBE... but WEEK 3??? HELL NO! There are many other reasons why we lost that game, not Jeff Reed BARELY, and I mean BARELY missing a 52 yard Field Goal... HELLO??? Am I the only one that thinks that 50+ yarders are even difficult for a VERY SKILLED VETERAN???? Stop calling out Jeff Reed... unless he starts missing 30 yarders on a consistant basis.
  • Lea
    let me add that while its great that the steelers seem to have that "we will show them" underdog attitudes, but why can they not play JUST AS WELL when the whole world expects it?? LOL
  • Grumpy
    Don't forget that Ben's pick 6 was caused by Holmes' failure to recognize the blitz and realize he was the hot read. And why not bring the house against Palmer on the winning TD; at least pressure him into making a quick decision and if he beats you, more power to him, but don't let him stand there until someone clears.
  • Drew
    OK I’ve written in a few other blogs and actually wrote to Ed Bouchette of the Post. WHY, why are we thinking it’s a good time to regain Sweed’s confidence and give him a chance at a deep ball? It’s 3rd and 4 and we decide to throw a 40 yard pass to an unproven Limas Sweed? And yes the play was designed for him the whole way. Where is Hines Ward on plays like this and hell, how about your newly acquired Wes Welker (the guy is a stud as I predicted, I know its just one game but he’s definitely put a clamp on the 3rd WR) I guess the coaches looked at it this way…If we don’t get it to Sweed we’ll just give Reed a chance to regain his confidence on a rare 52 yarder!! I know Sweed had a terrible drop and it should have been a TD but there’s no reason for this play call. Just like last week when its 3rd and 2 and we decide to throw in the end zone in wet conditions and all after he’s already dropped 2 passes!
    All this sad, Ariens needs to plant his ass up in the warm press box with his headset and a big knob of chew in his cheeks.


    Great to see Willie running like Willie and the line actually had decent run and pass blocking. Ben looked great and elusive in the pocket. Take away the Holmes miscue and we probably win the game. Its great to see a SEXY rookie like Mike Wallace get looked at on third down so much and come through, he’s going to work a bit on his route running with Hines and by seasons end Ben’s going to have 3 reliable go to receivers!


    First and foremost, WOW, do we miss Troy, and yes I’m using it as an excuse. All the stupid ESPN analysts after week 1 claimed, “The Steelers are a type of team that always have guys that step up” Well news flash Tim Hassleback, you can’t replace Troy Polamalu and Tyrone Carter is slower than Joe Paterno running onto the football field. (Troy knocks Cedric Benson’s legs off at 10 yards instead of that 23 yard TD)
    Ike Taylor played a great game at corner with lots of tips and good tackles but the defense needs to play tighter coverage. We got beat on too many short passes. Carson had one pass over 20 yards, a pass to OchoCinco for 21 yards. Defensive pressure was not an issue this game or even in the last two game, Carson had the ball out of his hands within 2 seconds on every play. We’re not going to get the sacks that everyone claims we need when our D giving up the short passes.


    Can’t fault them on the fake punt, it was the perfect timing and a good call!

    The ages of the veteran defense of the Steelers. I’m not really worried this year but worried about the Steel curtain in upcoming seasons.
    3-3 and 0-1
    Bengals and Steelers on 4th downs
    49 and 1:06
    Bengals yards and drive time at the end of the first half
    85 and 3:31 71 and 5:00
    The Bengals yards and drive time on their last 2 possessions
    270 and 100
    1st and 2nd half yards for the Steelers
  • drgooch41
    Cincy fans can celebrate all they want, and they should. Beating the Steelers is like their Christmas. The Steelers played the part of Santa Claus and the Bengals played the 6-year-old kid. When they grow up (later on in the season) they'll look back and realize what a charade it was because their real daddies (The Steelers) gift-wrapped this game for them and nothing more. Should coulda and woulda been a 34-0 game.

    Stupid vanilla defense will never negate the 2-minute drill.
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