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"That's Just The Way It Is...." E-mail
Written by Steve   
December 15, 2009 09:52

Try to listen to that song and not contemplate changing the way you live your life.

It is impossible.

So, the rumors are spreading like the pig flu that changes will be going down at Steelers headquarters, maybe before the season is over [Link].

When you reach the sub .500 territory, a year after winning the Super Bowl, changes are necessary. We acknowledge this. 

However, we have no idea who  shall be kicked to the curb......

Numerous people have asked us "who is to blame" for the Steelers woes. And just like in our high school Algebra class......we don't have the answer.

The Secondary?

Arians play calling?

The O-Line?

Tomlin not selecting the winning pair of "Aviators?"

One thing is for sure, "THIS GUY" won't be going anywhere until he decides his time is up-
There has also been rumors and grumblings that whenCowher decides to return to the sidelines, Kevin Colbert will jump ship to join him as his football mind. We've heard both sides of the argument that Colbert and Cowher are bosom buddies and the other side being that Colbert's loyalty remains to the Rooney's.

We'd like to think he stands by his catholic brethren.

But, if Colbert does leave......god help us all. He was the mastermind behind the past ten years of excellent draft picks. You can't argue that. And if you try, you will be shunned from this blog.

Fingers crossed that we can file this under "awful rumors" ........ next to the "McNulty" folders.

Never-the-less, changes are on the horizion. Be prepared.....

So lets say, yinz guys get to decide who stays and who gets a pink slip? We are more than 110% positive that you have opinions on this matter.

The comment section has now transformed into a ballot box. Do work.

(ps: Cotter has super-mega-important finals and I am working like a coal miner (?) all week. So there may be some radio silence for the remainder. Don't cry. It'll be OK. We'll still crap on the Packers leading up to Sunday).

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