Insert Poop Emoji Here, aka the OFTOT 2014 Preseason Recap…

there really isn’t much to speak of in terms of this year’s Steelers preseason. 

i mean, i don’t really know what you’d like me to recap when the Steelers clearly didn’t look anywhere close to dominant. 

but, in times like these, it’s important to remember that no one ever won a championship in August. 

and most importantly, the Steelers suffered no significant injuries that i’m currently aware of.

they may not have done anything to inspire confidence, but i don’t know why you’d want to walk into week 1 thinking your favorite team is going to go 0-16. 

so, all i’m saying is…

it’s preseason.

it’s preseason.

and here’s my final word on the Steelers 2014 preseason for you guys…


here we go.

Allen grades out as the 191st worst among the league’s top 192 cornerbacks. Gay is 132nd, and Taylor is 96th following a season in which he allowed more than 1,000 yards receiving.

(via Alan Robinson at the Trib)

preseason Pro Football Focus grades for the “big three” corners. 

i just want to have a record of this having happened.

if you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation. 

here we go. 

Often times it’s never as bad as you think it is and it’s never as good as you think…I think we would all agree we are better than that.
Heath Miller on the Steelers’ week 3 preseason loss to Philadelphia (via the inimitable
"A little adversity through life is either going to build a person or tear them down."
- Ike Taylor (via Trib)

"A little adversity through life is either going to build a person or tear them down."

- Ike Taylor (via Trib)

Cool Game, Bro…

no catastrophic injuries that we’re currently aware of, outside of ike taylor’s feelings. 

get well soon, cam heyward, jason worilds, and sean spence.

nothing else matters. 


The Definitive Fan Reaction to Bell and Blount’s Excellent Adventure…

(think of the dude on the right as Steeler nation and the dude on the left as the two LBs)

Didn’t think I’d have to use that video this early in the year, but congratulations Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount for giving me good reason to.

There’s only really three two questions in my mind, here:

1) Why weren’t you two on your way to Philly?
2) Why were you getting stoned at 1:30 PM in the afternoon?
3) Were you high?

In real life, possession of (a small amount of) weed (and even DUI) isn’t a huge deal (legally speaking). But, in NFL life, punishment defies all known logic.

We all do dumb shit, but I can only hope Roger Goodell feels the same way.

Inauspicious early development, you guys. But this is how stories get written. 

Don’t forget that.

One thing I saw from LeGarrette on the very first day was you know when he enters and leaves a room. He’s got that type of personality.
RBs Coach James Saxon (via Trib)
- Troy (via the P-G)

- Troy (via the P-G)

here we go. 
(via Trib)

here we go. 

(via Trib)

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